Sebastian Zavalla was born in 1969 and lived in the western Argentina almost all his life. He discovered the outdoors at a young age when he started mountain climbing with some friends at the local club. Since then outdoors became his way of life.

He has been mountain guiding since 1988, kayak and raft guiding all kind of rivers around the world (Mendoza River in Argentina, Coruh in Turkey, Futaleufu in Chile, Pacuare in Costa Rica) since 1990. Member of the Argentina Team of Kayak Polo and Rafting ’92-’93. Participated in events like the Water Games in Brazil, Rafting World Championship in Turkey, Slalom Competitions, between others.

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Canyoneering the pristine creeks of Costa Rica, guiding multi day multi activity trips since 1993.

He discovered air when he became a hot air balloon pilot in 1996, certified instructor by the FAA, flying commercially in Costa Rica and the United States.

Started flying paragliders in 1997 in Costa Rica, holding today a P3 USHGA rating.

Started flying PPC (powered parachutes) since 1998 in USA, BFI (Basic Flight Instructor) since year 2000.

Because of his life style Seba has a lot of experience in organizing expedition trips, mountain and river rescue, First Aids and Instruction.

Today he makes his living organizing and guiding multi day tours in Costa Rica, kayaking, rafting, horseback riding, mountain biking, rappelling, tandem paragliding, and much more.

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This paragliding trips are a good excuse to go back to his hometown where he grew up… and he enjoys them.


Wilderness First Responder 1993 by National Safety Council.

CPR Hearth Saver 1993 by American Heart Association.

Rescue Technician 1990 by Rescue 3.

Wilderness First Responder 1996 by Wilderness Medicine Institute.

CPR Hearth Saver 1996 by Wilderness Medicine Institute.

Wilderness First Responder 2004 by Aerie Backcountry Medicine.

CPR Hearth Saver 2004 by Aerie Backcountry Medicine.

Hot Air Balloon Instructor and Commercial Pilot 1998 issued by Federal Aviation Administration.

Paraglider Pilot 1997, P3 issued by USHGA.

Powered Parachute Basic Flight Instructor year 2000 by Aero Sports Connection


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